It's all up to you

We work exclusively with photographers to add more value to their offering. Simply email us all the details and we will send you your customized fly-in within the next 24 hours.

Our price for photographers is CAD $25 / Fly-In.

Our price for bulk orders is CAD $200 / 10 Fly-In's

For payment, we accept e-transfers or paypal.

send us an email with all Your information:


What we need

We make google fly-ins with the information you provide us. We ask for:

  1. The listing address. We ask for a lot map or a screenshot of the map (via computer software or camera) showing it up close and in relation to its immediate surrounding community. Please make sure you send the screenshot with a pin dropped on the exact location, this can be done at by clicking and holding on the spot you want to drop the pin. We always want to make sure we place the marker on the proper listing.
  2. The points of interest. If it is a town, beach, or other significant landmark we should be able to find it. If it is something more specific we would appreciate a screenshot of that location as well as a zip code or postal address. 
  3. Proper names. Please provide the exact titles you would like for your locations. 
  4. A sharing method - we can do the following: 
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Youtube or Vimeo (to be embedded on your website)

With this information we will be able to craft the perfect fly-in for any listing.